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Candid Theater Company dedicates itself to producing theater that addresses current political, social and ideological concerns. We develop new plays from concept to performance, and explore existing texts in a modern sensibility.
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Our Mission

Candid Theater Company believes that theatre and all the arts should be accessible to everyone. So if we can't bring Mohammad to our mountain, we bring our mountain to Mohammad. We perform wherever our
target audience is. Over the years we have performed in bars, churches, community centers, battered women's shelters and prisons. We develop each production for the audience at hand, speaking to the events in their lives, and aim to empower the audience to create change in their worlds.

What are people saying

Best New Theater- Lavender Magazine 2001
Hits all the targets with gusto- South Side Pride
Best Play- Lavender Magazine 2002
Funny, insightful and touching theater- "Parallel Lives" Ed Huyck City Pages 2011
Seraphina moves the action briskly..and with tenderness- "Bent" Lavender Magazine 2012
Extraordinary Performances Peter Beard and James Napoleon Stone- "Bent" Lavender Magazine 2012
Justin Kirkeberg is at the top of his game- "Killer Joe" John Townsend
Best supporting Actor James Napoleon Stone- "Killer Joe" Lavendar Magazine 2012


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